Let camping commence

And so the adventure begins.  Slightly on the back foot.  An inadequate 2hrs sleep in an alarmingly orange room at an EasyHotel smelling strongly of skunk, within hailing distance of a crappy provincial airport serving an even crappier budget airline.  Ah, the joys of charity work.


At 03:15 I’m meeting an unknown person hired by the same organisation that engaged me in another hotel nearby.  The heavy and unwieldy camping equipment that we are to take with us to Iceland had been delivered to him at 11pm.  Strange logistics that put me in the modern hotel with functional lifts and easy street access and him on the second floor of an aged rabbit-warren of a hotel with Escher stairs and a double-yellowed corner position on a one-way system.  Add to that a dim minicab driver who’s unfamiliar with the area.  Result: 2 tired and sweaty people at the airport.  We agree to try and sleep during the flight.  Which passes unremarkably.



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